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APT SATELLITE HOLDINGS LIMITED (the "Company") is a listed company in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code 1045), holding entire interest of APT Satellite Company Limited, jointly together with its subsidiaries, the APT Group.

APT Group commenced its operation in 1992. It currently owns and operates five in-orbit satellites, namely, APSTAR 1A, APSTAR 5, APSTAR 6, APSTAR 7 and APSTAR 9A ("APSTAR Systems") covering regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia approximately 75% of the World’s population and providing excellent quality "one-stop-shop" transponder, satellite telecommunications, satellite TV broadcasting and data center services to broadcasters and telecommunication customers of these regions.

The advanced APSTAR Systems of APT Group, being supported with the comprehensive and high quality services, have become very important satellite resources of the Asia Pacific region. APT Group will launch APSTAR 9 in Q4 of 2015, broadening and enhancing the scope of services and capability of APSTAR Systems.

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