APSTAR-9 was successfully Launched on 17th Oct 2015

APSTAR-9 Satellite has been successfully launched into a designated orbit aboard the Long March 3B/E launch vehicle on 17 October 2015.

APSTAR-9 Satellite, which is a new in-orbit APSTAR satellite, will further expand the transponder capacities and service capability of the company in the region. APSTAR-9 Satellite is a DFH-4 series platform high power geostationary communication satellite with 32 C-band (39.5 x 36 MHz equivalent) and 14 Ku-band (21 x 36 MHz equivalent) transponders. After the in-orbit delivery, APSTAR-9 Satellite will subsequently replace APSTAR-9A Satellite. The C-band Asia Pacific Beam (“AP Beam”) provides broad coverage for entire Asia and Pacific island countries, the C-band South East Asia Beam (“SEA Beam”) focus on South East Asia to provide the highest transponder performance in the market. The sophisticated Ku-band coverage over a broad region stretching from East India Ocean to West Pacific Ocean region leveraging the in-flight connectivity and maritime broadband demands, so as to expand the customer base and increase the business revenue and profit.

Mr. Cheng Guangren, Executive Director and President of the company, said, “The successful launch of APSTAR-9 Satellite marks a major milestone in the company’s history. It has 46 transponders in total, which will enable us to expand our satellite service and customer base. It will also help broaden our revenue stream and strengthen our competitive edges and growth potential going forward. The footprint design of APSTAR-9 Satellite covers broad oceanic region supporting the in-flight connectivity and maritime demands. The market feedback so far has been excellent. After the completion of the in-orbit test, all the existing customers on APSTAR-9A Satellite will move to APSTAR-9 Satellite.”

After the successful launch of APSTAR-9, a series of LEOP operation and IOT will be conducted and satellite will be operated at 142E orbital slot.  We share the joy of successful  launch of APSTAR-9 with our customers and wish the satellite to provide the best services to their business soon.

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