APSTAR Satellite Fleet

Currently APSTAR is operating five satellites in orbit, including APSTAR-7, APSTAR-9, APSTAR-5C, APSTAR-6C and APSTAR-6D.

APT successfully launched its first satellite, APSTAR-1, in 1994. Since then, APT has experienced extensive growth, providing coverage over Asia, Oceania, Pacific Ocean, Africa and Europe. All of the APSTAR satellites are built upon the latest and most reliable satellite platforms, thanks to APSTAR’S outstanding performance and high reliability, we are able to provide excellent quality of service to our broadcasting and telecommunications customers.

Our C-band and Ku-band transponders provide broad coverage and optimal power to support such uses video distribution, direct-to-home TV, news gathering, corporate VSAT networks, distance learning, cellular backhaul, maritime and aeronautical connectivity, etc. Our orbital slots at 134E,138E,142E, each separated by 4 degrees, providing strong support for customer to maintain high reliable network in case of contingency. The orbital slot of 76.5E enables coverage of four continents via signal satellite, which is ideal satellite for cross-continent broadcast and network mission. These advantages guarantee the service integrity and reliability of our customer service transmissions and their cost-worthiness.