AseanConnect.One Alliance Supercharges Carriers & OTTs in ASEAN Through Collaborative Connectivity and Data Center Services

In a bid to strengthen its market presence and expand customer reach, leading telecom operators and data center providers across the ASEAN region have formed an alliance called ASEAN Connect.One. This strategic step aims to offer streamlined one-stop shopping, single-end billing, unified operational processes, and enhanced service quality. These improvements aim to reduce installation and maintenance lead times, providing seamless access to collaborative services for carriers and OTT players across ASEAN countries.

The parties involved in this groundbreaking alliance are as follows:


Each of these entities is a registered telecommunication carrier or data center operator in their respective countries, holding or actively pursuing the necessary licenses for providing Connectivity Services including Local Wired Connectivity Services, International Wired Connectivity Services, and Satellite Connectivity Services, as well as Data Center Services within their regions.

By coming together under the AseanConnect.One umbrella, these industry leaders seek to transform the connectivity and data center landscape in the ASEAN region. The alliance will provide clients a standardized suite of services, ensuring reliability, scalability, and efficiency in connectivity and data center management solutions.

Leveraging on this, OTT platforms can deliver content more efficiently, ensuring seamless streaming experiences for users across borders. This strategic collaboration not only amplifies the reach and quality of OTT services but also paves the way for innovative content delivery solutions, driving engagement and growth in the vibrant ASEAN digital landscape.

AseanConnect.One represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of connectivity and data center services in the region. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of the alliance members, AseanConnect.One is poised to deliver unparalleled value and innovation to clients, driving digital transformation and economic growth across ASEAN. The alliance one-stop shop delivers high SLA with borderless connectivity supported by a suite of fully redundant terrestrial, submarine cable, and satellite networks, promising a short lead time for seamless integration.

This alliance is set to mark a new era of connectivity and data center solutions for carriers and OTTs across the ASEAN region.

Pictured, left to right:

  1. Tran Hai Duong, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, FPT INTERNATIONAL TELECOM COMPANY LIMITED
  2. Kelvin Law, Chief Executive Officer, NEOCOM ISP LIMITED
  3. Jasper Tan, Vice President, APT SATELLITE COMPANY LIMITED
  5. Louis Teng, Group Chief Executive Officer, SUPER SEA CABLE NETWORKS PTE LTD
  6. Suwat Punnachaiya, Board of Directors, INTERLINK TELECOM PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED

About AseanConnect.One

AseanConnect.One is an alliance partnership driven by a shared vision among ASEAN stakeholders namely APT Satellite, FPT International Telecom, Interlink Telecom, NEOCOM ISP, NTC Asia, SEAX Global & Telin. We aim to enhance regional connectivity and streamline carrier and OTT experiences with more than 10,000 kilometers of network spanning from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore to Indonesia. Our resources and expertise are pooled to offer faster and more convenient services. Operations are managed locally by respective stakeholders, ensuring efficiency. Through AseanConnect.One, expansion plans include a gradual volume increase in the future.

Introduction of Companies under AseanConnect.One

APT Satellite Company Limited

APT Satellite Company Limited (“APT Satellite” or “APSTAR”) is a leading satellite operator in the Asia-Pacific region. The company commenced operations in 1992 and currently operates a fleet of five in-orbit satellites, covering regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and Pacific island which contain approximately 75% of the World’s population. APSTAR provides a range of services, including satellite transponder leasing, broadcast, teleport and network, as well as data center services, to a diverse customer base. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of APT Satellite Holdings Limited, a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

FPT International Telecom Company Limited

Established in 2008, FPT International Telecom (FTI) has become one of Vietnam’s leading and most reliable telecommunications providers. Inheriting the extensive experience and robust infrastructure of its parent company – FPT Telecom, FTI offers flexible IT solutions tailored to various business models and commits to deliver innovative products and services that keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With nationwide coverage of all over Vietnam and abundant international resources, FTI is confident to provide non-compromising quality of services to every customer. Gladly to become your Solid Partner with Enhanced Solutions.

Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited

Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited (ITEL) is Thailand Telecommunications Network Service Provider, with a type 3 Telecommunications License from The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). ITEL provides telecommunication services through a fiber optic network nationwide in Thailand. The company offers various services, such as interlink dark fiber, interlink wavelength, interlink international private leased circuits, and interlink multi-protocol label switching technology, as well as telecommunication network installation and broadcast services. ITEL also provides data center space services, including co-location, cloud computing, and disaster recovery services. ITEL was established in 2007 and headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

Neocom ISP Limited

Established in 2007, Neocom ISP obtained a license for the Operation and Provision of Internet Services in Cambodia.
Neocom ISP harnesses local resources in Cambodia with over 50 points of presence nationwide, covering 90% of major cities and operating through an extensive domestic metro network with over 95% of burial fiber with support from multiple DWDM rings.
Neocom ISP offers connectivity, data center and business ICT/VAS solutions ranging from wholesale, enterprise and consumer markets as its core business.

NTC Asia Limited

NTC Asia is a Hong Kong based company established in 2012. NTC Asia holds a Service-Based Operation (SBO) license in Hong Kong, focused on international connectivity services, data center and ICT/VAS solutions while serving wholesale and enterprise markets both locally and ASEAN region.
NTC operates 16 strategical points of presence, spanning Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.
Our international network of robust protection through multiple submarine cables and protected terrestrial backup systems ensure industry resilient and diversified fiber channels to meet our customer’s stringent quality requirements.

SEAX Global Pte Limited

SEAX Global is a privately funded, geopolitically neutral leader in Southeast Asia’s wholesale connectivity solutions. Established in 2013, SEAX specializes in submarine and terrestrial cable systems, cable landing stations, and data center colocation. Offering a robust portfolio of seamless connectivity options, the organization has full operation licenses in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. With ambitious plans for further expansion, SEAX leverages its robust network portfolio and regional expertise to empower businesses in the provision of reliable and efficient data transmission, going beyond borders to provide exceptional customer service across the Southeast-Asian region.

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