APT held Satellite Workshop in Maldives

Satellite Knowledge Sharing Workshop at Maldives

APT Satellite organised a Satellite Knowledge Sharing Workshop at Male, Maldives. The workshop attracted all local TV channels and potential satellite users in Maldives, with around 30 participants. Honorably, the president of Maldive’s Broadcasting Commission Mr. Mohamed Shahyb gave his presence and addressed opening remarks. He said, “99% of Maldives consists of water. This has resulted in our historic dependence on satellite technology for our country’s telecom and broadcasting needs. I am pleased to note that APT Satellite has been a valuable partner supporting our local broadcasters in their content delivery. Thanks to APT Satellite for organising this important workshop. I am confident this workshop will provide valuable insights to its participants in gathering important knowledge on the relevance of satellite technology to the development of our broadcasting industry. Most importantly these opportunities must be converted to benefits of the people.” Two local media also reported on this workshop.

Satellite Knowledge Sharing Workshop at Maldives2Satellite Knowledge Sharing Workshop at Maldives3

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