Corporate Identity Innovation Announcement

We are proud to announce that APT Satellite Company limited (“APT”) is innovating its corporate identity with effective date of 16th October 2014.

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This innovation reflects a milestone in APT’s 22 years history. During the 2008 to 2014 period, APT has become one of the most fast-growing satellite operators in the world. Now APT boast to have rich experiences and high-level capability to provide services worldwide, including satellite space segment, uplink & downlink service, playout service, satellite building & project management, data center etc. The enhanced scale of global business requires APT present a more international outlook to satisfy the dynamic multinational requirements from customers globally.

The announcement coincides with the events of ABU General Assembly 2014 @ Macao, 22nd -28th Oct, 2014 and CASBAA Convention 2014 @ Hong Kong 27th -28th Oct, 2014.APT will be showcasing the innovation campaign at the first time there. You are welcome to drop by and learn more about APT’s recent development.

If you browse our website, you will find a new look of APT online. Welcome to visit

This change doesn’t involve any change of the company structure or service scope – it simply changesAPT’s corporate identity.

Thanks for your attention and please kindly spread this information to your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our marketing team at

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