APT Satellite Launches Teleport Service

APT Satellite is a leading satellite operator in Asia-Pacific. Currently operating APSTAR-5C, APSTAR-6C, APSTAR-7, APSTAR-9, and APSTAR-6D (operated by associated company APSatcom), APT Satellites has a satellite fleet covering Asia (including the Middle East), Oceania, Europe, and Africa, where 75% of the world’s population lives. APT Satellite provides satellite communication and satellite broadcasting services to telecom customers and TV customers worldwide. APT Satellite also provides vertically-integrated TV broadcasting, satellite broadband, IDC, and OTT services to our customers so that they can enjoy the benefit of “turn-key” solutions.

These “turn-key” solutions heavily rely on localized teleports stations and associated ground facilities. With teleport stations, satellite service providers could use it as a local PoP to get closer to end-users and provide more bespoke services. APT Satellite has satellite communication business in more than 30 countries. Along with the business expansion and the development of high-throughput satellites, APT Satellite’s teleport stations located in other countries have been growing. Now APT Satellite is operating teleports in 11 sites, including HKSAR, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and in China’s Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi’an, Dali, and Kashgar through APSatcom. In these teleports APT Satellite operates dozens of high-tracking-accuracy large C/Ku/Ka-band antennas and fully redundant ground telecom facilities, providing customers with satellite broadband, satellite media, and equipment hosting services.

APT Satellites teleport network is comprehensive, reliable, and flexible. Southeast Asia is famous for its high rainfall rate. In order to overcome the impact of rain attenuation on satellite links, APT Satellite has deployed geographically diversified teleports in Malaysia and Indonesia. Two sets of identical antennas and ground equipment are built in two locations 50 kilometers apart but linked by fiber links, one each is a hot backup for the other. Satellite links can switch between two teleports to ensure that the overall availability of teleports is over 99.9%.

APT Satellite teleport service is very flexible. The teleports host shared and private platforms that enable customers to enter new markets and regions quickly and cost-effectively. Customers can choose to connect to the APSTAR satellites or host their own antennas and platforms in the teleport premises. With the introduction of NGSO satellite constellations in LEO and MEO, APT Satellite can also provide them with teleport hosting services.

We care, share, and grow with our customers. If you have a need, please feel free to contact: sales@apstar.com.

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