APSTAR-6E Successfuly Launched

Xichang, China, early morning 13 January 2023, APSTAR-6E satellite was launched at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. After nearly ten minutes of flight, the satellite and the rocket were separated […]

APT Satellite Launches Teleport Service

APT Satellite is a leading satellite operator in Asia-Pacific. Currently operating APSTAR-5C, APSTAR-6C, APSTAR-7, APSTAR-9, and APSTAR-6D (operated by associated company APSatcom), APT Satellites has a satellite fleet covering Asia […]

An Unbalanced Satellite Ku Capacity Market

The satellite Ku transponder market in China is unbalanced. On the one hand, the standard Ku transponders (14/12 GHz band) are in short supply, and their utilization rate is as high as 100%. On the other hand, the transponders in extended Ku-band (13/11 GHz band) are much vacant, with low customer awareness and few users.