CABSAT 2015 Review

It is the first time appearance for APSTAR’S new LOGO on CABSAT 2015 exhibition. On Dubai CABSAT 2015 exhibition which ended last month, APSTAR showcase new LOGO and booth style. […]

APSTAR-9 satellite now in AIT Phase

Since October 2014 APSTAR-9 satellite entered its assembly, integration and test (AIT) phase. The manufacturer CAST carried out AIT in its High Bay located in Beijing. The components for platform […]

New channels joining APSTAR 7 MCPC

APSTAR 7 was successfully launched and orbited at 76.5E in 2012. APSTAR 7 has four Ku-band regional beams and the largest geographic C-band coverage over all visible landmass, including all […]

APT held Satellite Workshop in Maldives

APT Satellite organised a Satellite Knowledge Sharing Workshop at Male, Maldives. The workshop attracted all local TV channels and potential satellite users in Maldives, with around 30 participants. Honorably, the […]